Thursday, March 29, 2012

A New Addition to Robin's Nest

I was inspired recently by a friend to start blogging again. As she spoke about her adventures in blogging, I was reminded about how much I used to love coming here each day to check out comments, write new posts and meander through the other blogs I like to read. I also enjoyed the fact that having a blog made me feel accountable to do some of the projects that might otherwise get put on the back burner. Lastly, now that I have a little one (who is currently snuggled into my chest in her Sleepy Wrap) I feel this would be a great way to keep track of her as she changes and grows faster than I can keep track.

I do want to make it clear that I am not turning my blog into a baby blog. I'm sure baby will come to have a big presence around here because she's just so darn cute (and will certainly be assisting me), but I still plan to blog about my gardening, cooking and crafting activities as I did before. Miss Claire is simply one more addition to my overall nest. I'll try to keep hilarious poop stories to a minimum, but be warned, I am a bit of a TMI kind of girl. There aren't a whole lot of topics out there that make me squeamish and I'm sure if any of my readers have delicate sensibilities there will be times when I go beyond your comfort zone. I'm sorry in advance, but honestly if you know me then you should know better than to be shocked. :-)

So for my readers who forgive my long absence and return to The Nest, welcome. I look forward to having fun around here once more. Be on the look out for some catching up blogs about baby's first couple of months to be coming very soon (perhaps even one later today)!