Monday, November 9, 2009

Seed Sharing

I know it might seem a bit early, but I know at least Theresa is already talking of seed catalogues and ordering so I thought I'd bring up seedling swapping now. Also, I haven't posted in while and my research paper draft is now finished so I have a spare moment and desperately desire to post!

My idea for this spring is that those of us who have gardens, big or small, and those who might be inspired to start one, could participate in a seedling swap. I for one, do not get supper excited about growing my own seedlings, but I am resigning myself to the fact that it is much cheaper to grow them from scratch then to buy them from the store. I must learn to do without, or at least less, of the pure joy I get from walking the aisles of the Longs in Oakland, discovering new things I haven't tried, admiring flowers, sniffing leaves and letting them run between my fingers as I pass by. I must learn to be more responsible with how I spend my money on this gardening obsession of mine! One way to make the tedious act of seed starting more fun would be to make it a group effort.

The way the swap will work is if you have something that you have very good luck at growing from seeds then don't just start enough for you, but start a whole slew of them. Then, anyone who wishes to participate can bring their seedlings to a centralized location , I'm assuming my mothers, on a date to be set this spring and we can all trade seedlings. Mmmm, perhaps there could even be snacks and a punch involved!

Of course this could turn out to be chaos without a little organization, so I thought this post would be a place to start where people could say what they intend to grow extra of in the comments section. If things change, or you wish to add a new plant to your list, then you can just edit your comment later on. Also, if you see something someone has posted that you definitely want, you can comment on that too so they have an idea of who is interested.


Robin said...

I'll kick this off by what I know we'll be giving:

Rutgers Tomatoes
beans (Not sure what kind yet, any suggestions?)

Kay said...

I will be the pepper and squash lady....always have good luck with those. There should be available crookneck, pat a pan, spaghetti, acorn and butternut. I will probably have zucchini too since I already have the seeds. I will also start yellow, red and green bell peppers. I would be glad to host the "Seedling Swap". Maybe we could also bring extra containers etc that we don't need any more in case someone else could use them. I have dibs on 4 rutgers and 2 basil if available. Also looking for better boy and celebrity tomatoes if anyone is starting them and other herbs.

River City Grace said...
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Kay said...

Please ignore the River City Grace comment....I hit the wrong button on my work computer.

My comment was that maybe during the summer we could meet a time or two for an "extra produce swap/sale" and a bbq at my house. I have limited space so probably wouldn't have much to swap but would love to be able to buy your extra produce knowing it was grown without pesticides.

T said...

I'm still knee deep in goat stuff so I haven't had time to get a list together. I'll let everyone know what I'll have when I get time to get back to veggies!!