Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seed Sharing Part II

Well we might be starting a bit early, but this warm sunshine has inspired the Man and I to start a few seedling trays. Since we would like to try and organize some "Seedling Swaps" this year, we made sure to plant quite a bit more than we actually needed for ourselves. If the Seed Swaps end up not really being that sucessful, I'm sure we can always throw some of them together as presents or maybe even sell them on craigslist. Hey, there's a way to get out of looking for a real job....

(Blanket guarding the seedlings while we're away)

Anyways. Last night Jeffry planted some Rutgers and Mortgage Lifter tomatos, some spinach and made plans to grow large amounts of basil (pesto anyone?). After letting the seeds soak over night, I planted two different types of regular peas, 2 types of snow peas, mustard, Kale and borage (mostly as a chicken treat). I am going to have A LOT of peas this year so I will definitly have plenty to share. I have never sucessfully grown pea plants, but they are the closest thing to instant gratification you get in gardening since they germinate in a matter of days! I have a bit of a war going on with the pea world. I've tried every year since I began my gardening fixation to grow a big healthy pea vine only to never have them grown more than a couple inches tall. One of these years I'll get it right, and I'll be able to plop down on the cool grass with handfuls of freshly picked pea pods, feasting to my hearts content (imagine a child with a plate of cupcakes).

Aside from sharing my excitement over the first seedlings of the year, I wanted to take this opportunity to touch base again with anyone interested in doing the seedling exchange this year. If you still are, and you have a clearer idea of what you wish to contribute, or what you wish someone else would contribute, leave a comment here. Don't forget to pass this on to anyone else in the sacramento area you think might be interested in participating. I envision it working like a cookie party where you get to take as much as you bring, and any leftovers are up for grabs. Of course if anyone has any other ideas feel free to share them. Nothing is written in stone.
This would also be a good time for anyone with seed starting tips to leave a comment and share your secrets!

If you happen to be terrible at starting seeds or for some reason really just detest it, but would like to participate, try to think of something else you could provide at a seed swap. Perhaps some food since I would also like to make this a casual time for us gardeners to get together. Now get outside and enjoy the warm weather!

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Theresa said...

I'm afraid that five pregnant goats, 27 fruit trees to plant (half of which are done), babies to tend to, mom's to milk, and rabbit shelters to build have pretty much killed my seed starting endeavors for this year. We will be planting Home Depot seedlings as that's the only thing I'll have time to get into the ground!

Good luck with your swap....maybe next year.