Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mickey Mouse Waffles

Today, for the first time, our whole family had waffles for breakfast!! Claire's didn't have the side of bacon and syrup, but she just seemed so pleased to have the waffle that I don't think she noticed. Even though she doesn't have teeth yet, she didn't seem to have any trouble getting the waffle down. In fact, I didn't even hear a single cough or choke.

I hadn't planned to give Claire a waffle today, but she was trying to steal my plate and was none too pleased when I told her  no. She's been getting particularly jealous of us getting breakfast lately, and kept trying to steal Gramma Kay's plate last time she was down for a visit. She wants to explore foods, the poor thing just isn't growing teeth so  I get nervous trying to give her real food. I had an extra waffle however, so I thought I'd just let her give in a go. She's been really into bread lately and I figured the waffle was similar. Now I'll shut up and just let you enjoy the cuteness!

And my personal favorite.

She ate almost the entire thing. When she was just about finished she decided to use what was left of her waffle to smack me on the arm. This made her loose her grip on it and it tumbled to the floor. If you notice in the above picture, there is a little Prince ear just on the other side of Baby's tray. Her clumsiness meant Prince got a little waffle  for breakfast too!


Grandma Kay said...

Prince deserves a waffle too! When I was little I had an uncle that refused to get false teeth and was able to eat steak and corn on the cob without teeth.....a waffle would be a piece of cake....and Claire would probably like a piece of cake too! What a sweetie!

AuntieSa said...

I see Prince is learning the fine are of photo-bombing!

AuntieSa said...

I meant "art of photo-bombing"!

Gramma Sherri said...

So cute. Her Aunt Kerri had no teeth till she turned one and managed to successfully eat by hand a lot of different foods. You know a baby is ready when they start grabbing what you're eating. Good job Robin and Claire.