Sunday, October 13, 2013

Joan's Pumpkin Patch

We had good intentions of taking Claire to Apple Hill this year, but our October ended up being a bit fuller than we'd originally planned. Suddenly a six hour round drive just sounded a bit to intense for this tired momma, but luckily I had heard of a pumpkin patch in Livermore, which is a scant 30 minutes from our door. This way we could still sleep in, have a leisurely breakfast, go play at Joan's farm and get Claire back to the car in time for a late nap.

While Joan's farm is certainly no Apple Hill, Claire had a blast. She loved roaming through the pumpkins, feeding the animals and exploring the farm. When she's older there will be even more for her to enjoy like the train, hay ride and corn maze. We got her a pumpkin, a hat full of mini squash for me and a butter nut squash for a future dinner all for $10. Score all around! The only weird thing we had to watch out for was all the barbed wire. I guess Joan's is a real working ranch the rest of the year so it makes sense, but it was a little strange to have the pumpkins in a barbed wire pen.

Off to have an adventure.

Ready to check out!
I think Jeff is the best part of this picture.
Monkey See...
Monkey Do...
Claire kept trying to feed them one pellet at a time.


Gramma Sherri said...

It looks like you all had a good and successful day at Joan's Pumpkin Patch. That's great that there is such a nice place to go, so much closer to your home. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt Preesa said...

I love her little shirt! What a great family day!