Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Films

Its here....

If you don't know what I mean when I say this, then you haven't opened your windows this morning. Fall has come. As I sit here bundled up in my furry slippers sipping my second cup of hot coffee, I can't help but think about how nice it would be to curl up with a blanket and one of my favorite fall movies. It's the perfect time for movie watching. The garden is winding down to things that need less care such as greens and root crops, nature will soon take over watering duties and it is finally cool enough to pull out those fleece blankets you got for Christmas last year.

In honor of this wonderful turn in the weather, I'm compiling a list of my favorite fall films so that I don't miss any this year. There is only about a month to watch Halloween related movies and two months for fall movies in general. After that Christmas movies take over and well, that leaves little time for anything else. So I shall start my list here and feel free to add any of your favorites in the comments.

Practical Magic (this one gets multiple viewings in October. Midnight Margaritas!)

The Witches of Eastwick


Hocus Pocus


The Scarlet Letter

The Adaams Family

The Harry Potter Series



The Charlie Brown Halloween & Thanksgiving Specials (I actually hate all the peanuts specials, but lots of people love it so what the heck.)

I loved all your guys' recommendations so much I've added them to the list! I'll keep updating as more come in.


Anonymous said...

I love fall so much... I yearn for it all year long! My favorite time of year is Thanksgiving week. It's perfect fall weather!


Kay said...

The 2 movies I think about for fall are the first 2 Harry Potter movies because they always started out in the fall with school starting..and the first 2 were a much more innocent time and not as dark as the later ones. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. If I think of others I will post but have to go now to close the windows because it is getting very chilly. Yea for fall!

Theresa said...

Hmmm...well for me fall and Halloween are pretty much one and the same. Hocus Pocus is right up there (and I share Mom's sentiment about the first two HP movies)but I would add Adaams Family, Dracula (the one with Gary Oldman and Wynona Ryder), Betelguise, and my nerd-favorites: my collection of 1920's silent horror films....of course, you can't really watch those while you're doing something else around the house!

Theresa said...

I forgot my favorite fall-geek thing to do once the weather cools....put on the soundtrack to the Haunted Mansion (the ride, not the movie) on endless loop and leave it running!

Helen said...

One of mine is The Witches of Eastwick. Oh yes. Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Surandon AND Jack Nicholson as the Devil. That screams "Pumpkin Soup" to me!

Theresa said...

Sleepy Hollow.

BTW--anyone who thinks Tim Burton is really original needs to watch "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"!! I would bet my soul and its overcoat that Tim saw that movie as a child and has been trying to emulate its "look" ever since!! (Which is probably why I love Tim Burton!)

Robin said...

Your soul has its own overcoat? That must be convenient in the wintertime. Does she ever let you borrow it?

Theresa said...

It's just another way of saying "I'd stake my life on it"....

Speaking of overcoats I need to make me a new fleece bathrobe with these cold mornings all of a sudden!

Anonymous said...

What about Sleepy Hallow? And this may sound odd, but I enjoy the Gremlin movies during Fall. Oh! And You've Got Mail (or Sleepless in Seattle, they're basically the same thing). AND, I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies during these beautiful days.