Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Banner

Coming later this week I will fill you all in on the exciting construction projects and births that have been happening in our home for the last couple of days, but for now, I'd like to share a cute craft project with you. Since the window of decorating/prep time between St. Patrick's Day and Easter is only two weeks this year, I decided not to go overboard on trying to get the house decorated for Easter. By the time I purchased/made everything I'd need and put it up I'd be broke and then probably have to take it down the next day because the holiday was over. One of the few things I have purchased for decorating this year were these cute little bunny clips from Cost Plus for $2.99. That's all I spent on this project. Everything else was just stuff I had lying around the house. If you guys have any fun Easter craft ideas feel free to share.

1 sheet of Eastery colored construction paper
magic markers, colored pencils or crayons
hot glue gun
2 push pins
mini bunny clothes pins
1) Cut 8 rectangles that measure 3 inches by 4 inches out of the construction paper. Then trim the longer sides so that the rectangle becomes a parallelogram. Don't worry about being precise on your measurements, the differences is size/shape will just make it look quirky and fun.

2) Practice how you are going to write out Easter on a scrap sheet of paper. Once you like the way it looks, write out one letter on each piece of construction paper.
3) In different colors, add little decorations to the corners of the cards. I picked swirls and polka dots.
4) With your two remaining cards, draw an Easter related picture such as eggs, bunnies, etc. Clip these into your first and last spaces.
1) Plug in your hot glue gun to let it start heating up.

2) Measure out 15 inches of twine before you start attaching your clothes pins. Starting at 15 inches, place them every three inches, attaching them with the hot glue gun. After you attach your last clothes pin, measure out another 15 inches and cut the twine.

3) Once the glue is completely cooled, tie a loop on each end of your garland, and attach to wall with push pins.
-Instead of writing Easter our by hand, you could also do it with a printer and a cute font. My color cartridge is empty, otherwise I would have chosen that way.
-If you don't live near a Cost Plus, you could also use plain mini-clothes pins which are available at most craft stores.

-When writting the T in Easter, be warned that doing curly swirls on the top or bottom may turn you word to "Easfer" or "Easjer." Just add your swirlys to the bar of the t, instead of the body, to avoid the frustration of redoing your t three times.

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