Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Recent Sproutings

I can only assume that Blanket was sleeping too soundly one day when a pea thief snuck into the house and plucked the seeds I'd planted before they even had the chance to sprout. The only other possibility is that many of my pea seeds were no longer viable. I think the former seems more likely. Aside from my rather dismal pea sproutage, many of our other planties are growing quite well. I took a few snapshots of their progress.

(so many empty pea spots)

(Borage upfront, with Rutger Tomatoes behind it) (Okra)

I will be trying another round of peas shortly along with several other kinds of tomatoes such as Amish Paste, Golden Jubilee, Purple Russian (sounds like a drink), German Lunch box and Tomatillo (mmm green salsa). Yes my friends I think this summer will be the Summer of the Tomato at our house. I expect several long canning days are ahead of us as we make our own salsas, pasta sauces and soups. If you have any good recipes I'd love to hear them!
We also need to start a round of pepper seedlings such as the traditional Bell Pepper, Jalapenos and Anaheim. In the bean department we are going to try to grow some of our own for drying this year with Scarlet Emperor and Rattlesnake Pole (honestly I picked it for its name) as our two options. Mom will be growing most of our squash seedlings, but we'll be starting some Cocozella di Napoli and the prehistoric looking Australian Butter Squash which grows up to 15 lbs!

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Kay said...

Tonight I am going to be planting for the plant swap red, green and yellow peppers and the following squash: zuchinni, pat a pan, butternut, acorn, and spaghetti as well as a new kind of sweet small squash that I got at the Petaluma seed store but can't remember the name (I'm at work now and seeds are at home). I think I also have yellow crookneck summer squash seeds. I'm going to put them in my little greenhouse so hopefully they will sprout and grow quickly.