Monday, August 2, 2010

Squash Update

Well, my squash patch may have died off once early in the season, but the second time seemed to take. The sea of green is making our front yard look a little more planned.

Up front is the strawberry patch that has grown in nicely.

As you can probably imagine from the above photo, it's pretty easy to miss a growing squash. I've been trying to go out and tip toe amongst the squash every couple of days to see how things are progressing, but I still seem to end up with over grown summer squashes. Luckily, they still taste pretty good even when they get big. Here are some close ups from my last tip toe.

A handsome Peter Pan squash ready for the frying pan.

This is either Honey Boat or a Pumpkin. We planted them right next to each other...bad idea.

This one is my favorite. A four inch long Butternut Squash. So cute!!

This is a new experiment, Papaya Squash. What I find intriguing about them is that they are almost a neon yellow and VERY shiny.

This is my rather large Spagetti Squash. It hasn't even started to ripen yet and it's already bigger than I'm used to seeing.

Last but not least we had a Yellow Crookneck Squash. I believe this one is going in a chicken soup tonight!

Thanks for coming with me on a walk through my squash patch. While I am pretty happy with how it's turned out, next time I might space them further apart to make harvesting easier. Then again....

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Kay said...

When you are tippy toeing be sure not to squish the squash. Squash is easy to grow, however, the winter versions do tend to spread out a lot. With my limited space in raised beds, I have had some luck this year letting them vine up some sturdy tomato cages. Definitely saves on horizontal space by using the vertical. Probably won't grow enough for winter storage but definitely enough for some good eating this fall.