Friday, September 28, 2012

Pulling Up

Last week I walked into Claire's room to pick her up, and I caught her trying to grab her mobile.

Her ability to get herself up into a sitting position is still new enough that I was impressed by that. Her attempt to grab her mobile was just icing on the cake, but then, this happened.
Oh goodness. Claire is getting to be such a big little girl (and yes her mattress has since been lowered to a much safer height). OK, so I have to admit, she did it once the day before, but I didn't catch it on tape so it didn't happen.
 I shouldn't be surprised that there is only one guaranteed way to get her to stand up and that is to call Prince into the room. After I had taken the video of Baby reaching for her mobile I saw her get into position to pull herself up, but she couldn't quite get it. I tried doing everything I could to encourage her before I gave up and just called the dog in. The second he came in she popped up. I may not have any irrigation lines in my back yard anymore, but I definitely don't regret getting Claire her best friend.

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Gramma Sherri said...

Way to go Claire! A baby's development and accomplishments are always so amazing.
Message to Claire: Gramma Sherri loves you so very, very much.