Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a wonderful Easter this year filled with food, family and an egg hunt that Claire actually got to participate in!! Honestly, I didn't really think this year would be that different than last year since Claire still isn't running around, but I was pleasantly surprised when she was able to collect a few eggs. OK, so we helped a little bit by leading her to where the eggs were. It was all her doing however, to decide what she was suppose to be picking up and putting in her basket. OK, so we practiced at home a little bit before the big day, but still, she did awesome. The biggest distraction for her were the eggs she'd already collected. She kept wanting to pull them out and inspect them instead of looking for more.

We didn't let her dye eggs, but she had fun trying to put stickers on them.
Easter baskets for everyone!

I love how her little skirt poofed out when she'd squat.

Claire can't decide which egg she likes best.
The rest of the day was spent eating tasty food and hanging out with our family and friends. We ate a delicious ham lunch, played Ticket to Ride and drank more wine than one should on a religious holiday! I can't wait for next year when Claire can be running around the yard carrying her own little basket, but this Easter still proved to be a lot of fun and pretty darn cute to watch.


Gramma Sherri said...

Claire was wonderful on Easter. I so enjoyed watching her and interacting with her. She was really getting her walking grove on, and had fun with her cousins. And she looked adorable!

Jennifer said...

So adorable!
Yay for your Easter dress from Crossroads! I'm so glad you got that!