Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flower Child

OK Jennifer, I know you probably have some young girls in your family who would love to be your flower girl, but are they as skilled or dedicated as our Little Miss Claire? It's still over a year a way and she's already practicing! 

What actually happened was I was out front watering the sod and turned my back on Claire for just a second. During that time she managed to pluck every single flower from one of the plants in our front bed. At first I was a little frustrated at her naughtiness,  but then she proceeded to pick up all the flowers and fill her shoes up with them. Come on, that's adorable. In fact, it was so cute that those dang shoes are still sitting on my counter filled with flowers because I couldn't bring myself to throw them out. I might actually get this picture printed and hang it on my wall. I'm smitten.


Gramma Sherri said...

That would definately make a great photo for the wall, and would be a wonderful rememberance too. Claire continues to be as precious as can be.

AuntiSa said...

Ahhhh...the first step to tomboyhood--using your Mary Janes as a Potpourri vessel!!!

Next up: permanently grass stained knees!!!