Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Girls Get Purses.....

Some girls get excited when their boyfriends buy them a cute coach bag or jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I like both of these things, but what I like even more is when my boyfriend buys me a tree. Its a pineapple guava and both it's fruit and it's flowers are edible. The flowers are rumored to taste like cotton candy (and are a beautiful two toned pink) and the small fruits it produces taste like pineapple. The plant is also pretty even when not in bloom. Its foliage is silvery sort of like an olive tree. These wonderful little guys are also versatile, as they can be a bush or trimmed into a tree.
I first discovered this plant on another blog I like to read. You can reach the original article here. The article said they weren't super easy to find, but then the next day I was walking down the aisle of my favorite nursery (which oddly enough inside a Longs) when I stumbled upon a whole display of them!

Of course I would have been happy with one pineapple guava, but Jeffry saw the twinkle in my eye when he put the first one in our cart and went ahead and got a second small one just for fun. It is destined to go in the chicken area where they can enjoy the low hanging fruit and shade that it will eventually provide.
One thing we didn't prepare for though was how we would get this small tree into our small Subaru. We had two different people stop to stare and offer witting and completely unhelpful advice as we struggled to maneuver our new purchase into the car. It ended up taking my seat in the front (and half of the back seat) and I got to feel chauffeured for the rest of the trip in the backseat. Unfortunately, we lost all of the fruit in had on it in the struggle. Oh well, I shall have to be patient for next summer.

Here is a look at my newest baby...

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