Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Perfectly Organized

In preparation for buying this springs seeds, I decided I needed to take stock of our current collection. I knew we'd have some duplicates since Jeff and I had separate garden's last year and I both wanted to take stock of those, so we didn't buy yet another duplicate, and see what we had used up. Now, some might think my organization is a bit over the top, but I am very excited about it. I decided to make a chart listing all our seeds ,and following Jeff's recommendation and tutelage, I created an Excel spreadsheet to do the job.

After going on a search for wayward and forgotten seeds and logging them into my chart I discovered that we have 56 packages of seeds. Of those, 4 of them are chives. Who buys four packages of chives? We also have way more types of spinach, lettuce and carrots than I realized, but at least those are of different species and are planted multiple times throughout the year. I now have my seeds organized by their overall type (ex. Carrot), their specific species (ex. Scarlet Nantes), the type of crop they are (ex. Root), their planting times and then a general notes section for each packet. Being so organized is...delightful. Now when I go to the seed store I can just print up my chart and take it with me.

In addition, I sorted all the seeds alphabetically into a binder. This binder has a divider which separates it in half. I sorted all my edible plant seed in the first half, and the ornamentals in the second half. Oh yeah, you know you're jealous!

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