Monday, January 11, 2010

A Room of One's Own

Over the weekend I cleaned out shed #2 at our house which is now officially a room for Robin. It has a window, a long counter space, running water, electricity and lots of shelves; which means it has everything I need to function as as a potting bench, bouquet assembly station, garden tool storage center, seed starting station and peaceful get away. Basically the room, which I'm considering naming Robin's Nest, will be the organization hub of all my outdoor activities. My favorite rose bush also happens to be sitting right outside the door (If it was flowering right now you'd understand why).

The shed is currently a bit, well, Shed-Like. Perhaps I have read too many remodeling articles on Sunset, and have thus set my expectations a bit too high, but I would like to make the space a bit prettier while not sacrificing it's functionality. Perhaps somewhere between Sunset's ideas and Jeff's response of, "It's fine. It's just a shed." This coming weekend my mom will be visiting and I intend to pick her brain on how I can fix a few of its flaws. For example, I believe they used regular tape to tape the drywall corners and it is now peeling up along with the plaster they put over it. The main plan is a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets (after fixing the peeling tape of course), some gently wafting curtains, replacing the particle board shelves with plywood, and perhaps doing something about the old peeling floor. How hard can it be to lay some lino?

For now however, the shed is de-spidered, clean and organized which is good enough. If you have any ideas or recommendations (I get really intimidated by picking out paint colors) feel free to chip in your two cents.


Kay said...

That shed cleanned up really nice. What a great facility for all the stuff you want to do. My 2 cents for the colors are either the same as the outside or a light cool green for the walls and dark green for the shelves and trim.

Theresa said...

A fabric curtain could dress up the shelving unit without the hassle of building it would help soften the space and coordinate your paint colors and window curtains. (And keep dust off your foodstuffs.) Linoleum is expensive even for small pieces but Habitat for Humanity has a thrift store in South Sac that sells new Lino leftovers from construction at dirt cheap prices.