Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden in Bloom

I've been meaning to post some pictures up all week, but getting ready for our Mexico trip has left me running out the door late in the morning and not finishing with stuff I need to get done until well after dark! Then last night of all things it was hailing when I got home! Luckily everything seems to have come through pretty unscathed so enjoy some lovely photos of Asbury Farms in bloom.

One seedling tray sprouting away.

Strawberry blossoms waiting to transform into plump red fruits.

Green strawberries ready to ripen.
Tomatillo flowers.
I love how tomatillos look like little paper lanterns hanging from the plant.

I can't believe our citrus is already blooming again!

Sweet apple blossoms outside our bedroom window. The bees
are in heaven.

English lavender.
Our wild tangled mess of jasmine. The sent that greets my nose each
morning when I go out to water.
The first set of blooms on our double delights are especially red.
By far my favorite flower in our garden.
This ground cover has endured  a winter's worth of
 attacks from Baby Chick and somehow still lives.

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