Friday, July 6, 2012

My Morning Cup

I'm not good at keeping our life on a set schedule, I know that is very popular with many parents, but I see each day as its own adventure and schedules would only serve to muck up our ability to roll with it. I'm not anti-schedule, in fact I sort of envy people who can make it work. Its just doesn't fit our family's style.

In general, however, our weekdays have the rough outline of mornings being spent at home and afternoons being spent doing anything that involves the outside world. Sometimes that errands, sometimes that's walks, and some days we don't go out at all.

Since mornings are often spent at home, they have developed a flow that goes something like this most of the time. Here it goes as told through the lense of my morning cup o' coffee.

8:00-9:20ish: Start coffee. If I'm feeling romantic this will involve hand ground coffee beans and a french press. If I'm feeling a little rough around the edges it will involve the drip machine. This week we got a Keurig though, so I think the ease of the K-cup might win the day from now on. While the coffee brews I make myself something hot for breakfast and settle down to enjoy my meal.

9:20-10:00ish: Around half way through my coffee Baby will wake up and let out a few squeals to alert me to her wakeful state. The remaining coffee gets cold while I change and feed her. I return to my coffee saddened by its cool state and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. It's not as good as it was, but its better than cold.

10:30-11:30ish: After her morning feeding Baby is usually pretty content to play on her mat or in her bouncy seat for a while. During this time I get a few more sips of coffee in, but needing to take advantage of her contentedness, I get distracted from my cup by household chores that must be done. I return to my coffee which has once again turned cold.

11:00-12:00ish: Somewhere during this time Baby hopefully goes down for a nap that can be up to an hour long. I retire to the computer to read a few blogs, answer any emails and sip on my cold coffee that I have given up on trying to reheat. I consider dumping out the last bit and making a fresh cup, but that just seems wasteful. I decide to down the last few gulps instead and begin to think about being naughty and having an afternoon cup of coffee later in the day.

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