Monday, July 2, 2012

Solids, Take One

We ventured into the world of solids for the first time today. Claire is 5 months and two weeks, and waking every two hours to eat at night, so we decided it was time to give solids a try. I assembled her high chair and read her Baby Bullet guidebook while I drank my morning coffee. Since breastmilk is sweet, and her father and I both love bananas, I decided to start with that. A few pulses of the Bullet latter I had a yummy banana pure ready for her to try, and well, I think we have found something that Claire is not a natural at. I even tasted it when she was done just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with it. Maybe her papa can try some brown rice cereal when he gets home.


Gramma Sherri said...

That's a very typical first reaction. It takes a few tries before the baby starts getting the idea. Try liquifying it a bit with some breast milk at first.

Jennifer said...

Aw!! I can't wait until she can try grapefruit or lemons haha

xo Jennifer