Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Decorations

I am very excited to report that I finally actually decorated for a holiday! I have always been a holiday decorator, even when I was renting with roommates who thought I was a bit strange for decorating the house when no one else was into it. Even for minor holidays I like to put up at least a few things as a reminder that there is a special day coming. I love that holidays are a time when you can see our shared culture and can take a day out of the normal march of time and make it special (even if its a silly made up  kind of special like American style St. Patrick's day and Cinco de Mayo). Who wouldn't like an excuse to have fun?

In the last year, however, I have found something that would be strong enough to dampen my decorator's spirit, morning sickness and a very young baby. Now that Claire is old enough to entertain herself a bit, I have no excuse to not bust out my bins of decorations and channel my inner Martha Stewart. Considering Halloween is one of my favorite holidays I think its appropriate that I got back into the swing of things with it. I don't think I go overboard, I just like to add touches of the holiday around the house on bookshelves and table tops mostly. Here are a few pictures of my Holiday/Fall decor. 
Decorating also gave me a cleaning bug. I scrubbed down my front door for the first time ever (though I ussually use Halloween as as good excuse to leave up spiderwebs) and purchased a new welcome mat from Costco.




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Looks awesome!!!