Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In The Kitchen With Baby

Baby and the oven sharing a special moment.
I have started letting Baby crawl around on the kitchen floor while I'm cooking or doing dishes. It's not the safest room in the house and from now on I promise I will make a point of discouraging her from making out with the oven. She just has such a sense of adventure right now and I imagine roaming the kitchen is doing a whole lot more for her development than watching a TV show while I do a few necessary kitchen chores. It will also encourage me to mop more often. Three birds, one stone.

Oh how times change. My traditional blog food photos now have a lot more action in the background.
The kitchen is particularly full of wonder for her right now because she has learned that drawers open. One of my to do's today is actually to switch around some of our drawer contents because a spice drawer at Baby's level is no longer a good idea. She loves to pull them open, examine the contents and then use that open drawer to pull herself up to the next one. Claire has yet to figure out the cabinet doors, but Jeff put baby locks on them over the weekend because behind some of those contain cleaning supplies and other non-baby friendly items.

Baby seemed really convinced that my pumpkin butter on the stove needed some ginger.




AuntieSa said...

Love the "action shot" with the bell peppers!!

Robin said...

I was so excited to learn how to make an animated gif. I discovered it's amazingly simple so you might start seeing them more often!

Kay (aka Grandma Fisher) said...

I remember kissing the oven but I think it had to do with what was baking inside.