Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green Strawberry Love

They're Heeeeeere! Yes my friends the time has come, soon I will taste the sweet summery goodness of strawberries grown with our own four hands. They've been weeded, they've been fertilized and they've been watered, and now they are sending out runners (surprising considering this breed was suppose to not send many out) and setting what looks to me like some seriously tasty fruit. This guy even has some red starting to show!

It won't be long now until I have to find ways to use these guys up (I know, poor me!). I imagine many will simply be eaten as is, perhaps still wet from the sprinkler and warm from the sun, but I'd love to hear any recipes you may have. Dipped in chocolate? Strawberry shortcake? Preserves?


Helen said...

Personal favorite? Cover with just a touch of sugar, cover and place in fridge, stir occasionally, then place on top of a slice of angel food cake with a dollop of whipped cream.

DianasaurDishes said...

I love strawberries! My latest favorite that I'll be posting next week is using them to make strawberry lemonade.