Monday, May 24, 2010

Testing Pea # 212,000

As I have lamented on this blog before, peas don't like to grow for me. I believe in all my attempts to grow them I have eaten two pods over the last two or three years. This year I already tried one batch of peas. They were all eaten by my other nemesis, senor snail.

I was not to be discouraged however, and for the first time in my pea attempts, planted a second crop. I put them in a shadier spot with worse soil and they are doing fantastic! I do fear that when I go home tonight they will all be dead (perhaps as I type this little snails are gnawing away at the leaves), but as of this morning they were all several feet high and one had even set a couple pods. I think this is the year my friends. Yes, this is the year.

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Helen said...

*Fingers crossed. You know. In a good way.*