Friday, May 21, 2010

Rattlesnake Beans

One new plant I'm trying to grow this year is beans. Jeffry doesn't eat green beans so they will be mostly for drying and using in stews over the winter. This will be a nice way to extend the harvest as we'll eat fresh stuff out of the garden during the summer, and have the dried beans to munch on during the fall and winter months.

I had hoped to get them in the ground sooner, but our unusually cool spring has forced me to hold off on many of my garden plans. Not only are daytime temperatures not getting above the mid 70's, but about a week and a half ago it was in the 30's when I woke up. That wonderful ocean breeze that I love so much in the heat of summer is also not helping. It blows in at about 5 o'clock and quickly rids the air of any warmth it had managed to accumulate during the day. I finally couldn't wait any longer however, and so far these little seedlings seem to be doing OK.

I've chosen to grow rattlesnake beans, which I purchased several months back from Baker Creek Seed Co. You might be wondering why I picked this bean over all others, the honest truth is unfortunately not filled with wisdom and research. I though they looked pretty, and the back of the Baker Creek seed package raved about how wonderful they are. Their pods are green with purple stripes running through them, and the seeds themselves are cream colored with reddish brown streaks running through them. Their colors just sounded like a work of art to me. The vines also grow to be 10 feet tall with 7 inch pods! That's gigantic, and another reason I wanted them. I can't wait to until later this summer when these colorful bean vines will dwarf me!

Anyone else excited about trying something new?


Kay said...

I'm trying a new squash which I also bought at the seed store in Petaluma and for about the same reason you got your beans....the picture and description on the package. It's a small (under a pound) winter squash that is supposed to be "sweet and nutty". It's always fun to try new stuff...some is great (like the Rutger tomatoes from last year) and some are a flop (I try to forget those) but it is one of the true jobs of gardening.

kay said...

Make that "true joys of gardening" (I really need to proofread before hitting that button).