Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where Have I Been?

It always seems like I stumble upon new blogs when the writer has just returned from a long absence. I have thus read a lot of posts with titles like, "Where I've Been" or "What I've Been Up To" and they usually contain some sort of apology for not writing more and a dash of self importance as they tell their readers not to fear, for they have been off doing exciting things but they appreciate the concern. As I was new to these blogs I hadn't been worried for their safety or pondering why on earth they hadn't written a new post in a week or more, but none the less I read their post describing their generally exciting exploits and by the time they were finished I was also happy that they were back so that I could look forward to future posts. Well, it's my turn.

I know you all have probably been wondering where on earth I have been. Was I in a car accident? Did I suffer amnesia and was waiting alone in a hospital room  for someone to come claim me and tell me my true identity? Did I suffer a stroke in the back yard and was currently becoming the main course for my chickens who were now starving because I hadn't been feeding them because well, I was dead? Did the snails finally fight back and decide it was time to launch an offensive? Did I finally go crazy pulling weeds and run off to the dessert to escape the daily chores required just to try and keep up with my yard? No dear friends, this is not it at all. In fact, wait for it....I've been up to some rather exciting things.

First, I went away for Mother's Day weekend with the best of mothers. We stayed in cabins and ate at East West Cafe in Sebastapol (highly recommend stopping their for lunch if you're ever in the area). It was on that trip that I saw my first Banana Slug ever in the Armstrong Redwoods. He looks like he's about ready for bread making.

Later that week I was taken out to Chez Pannise for the first time. The food was amazing with a main course of lamb. The first course however, involved anchovies. I did not like them. I figure if Chez Pannise can't make them tasty  then I will never learn to like them. Oh and  while I was there, this happened:

Since then (in the past 7 days) we have booked the church, set a bridal shower date, set up consultations with two wedding dress shops, picked our wedding favors and purchased our wedding rings. Oh, I also had a 50's themed birthday BBQ at my house on Saturday. I made my own dress.

So as you can see dear friends. You had no reason to fear, other than for the fact that you missed my witty and informative posts. Those shall now resume again, so grab a glass of cool iced tea and read along.


Helen said...

Teehee. Congratulations! And thank goodness you're blogging again. I was getting ready to pay the snail's ransom.

Jennifer Beile said...

Your ring is gorgeous!!! I've been waiting for a new post because I knew I would get to see a picture lol