Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby Milestones

I have been terrible about keeping track of Claire as she progresses from a glow worm into a little girl. Before I forget all her little milestones I thought I should record a few of them here.

January 23rd 2012: Miss Claire came home.

Feburary 15thish 2012: Somewhere around 3-4 weeks old Claire started to go to sleep around the same time we did instead of staying up until :00 or 2:00 am.

March 2nd 2012: First set of shots. I held her little arms while they did it, but I had to turn away when the needle went in. My little girl was brave but I was not. We gave her a little children's Tylenol when she got home and aside from being fussy that evening she handled it like a champ. By the time bed time rolled around she was back to her old happy self. Oh, and she weighted in at a little under 11.5 lbs.

March 13th 2012: Claire gave me her first real, honest to goodness smile. We were waiting in the doctors office and I was talking to her to pass the time when all the sudden BAM! It was a full faced gummy mouth smile. It melted my little heart.

Mid-March 2012: I don't have an exact date for this one, but around mid March I stopped having to take Claire out to the couch to sleep in the middle of the night. Up until this point Claire would ussually start fussing with gas or poop between 4:00 and 5:00 am. Mommy and Daddy have greatly been enjoying getting to sleep together again!

Mid-late March 2012: Claire became much more content to sit and watch what I was doing instead of being held. This has made it much easier to get some chores done like folding laundry. Claire loves to watch my hands from her little seat as I stack all the clothes into tidy piles.

March 25th 2012: The first time I found something that could consistently make Claire smile. I walked up to her while I was brushing my teeth and from behind her paci I could see little lips curling up into a smile. It comes in quite handy to stop Claire's fussing when I am trying to get ready for the day. Her little smile is at the beginning of this video.

March 28th 2012:  Claire became a drooly baby and discovered how much fun it is to stick her tongue out. At first we thought she was teething extremely early because of all the drool, but the next day I got my Baby Center weekly update that said it is normal for babies Claire's age to become drool monsters.

April 7th 2012: Claire watched her first Giants game with momma and papa! Ok, so maybe this isn't something that she necessarily accomplished, but I'm assuming that Claire will be a Giants fan when she is older and will want to know when she saw her first game. Luckily she isn't old enough to remember that they lost to the Diamondbacks.

April 10th 2012: Back in for another couple of shots which she handled just as well as the first time. Grandma Fisher made me sneak and weigh her on the scale when the nurse wasn't there. Claire weighed in at a little over 12 lbs!

April 11th 2012: FEET! Claire found one of her feet for the first time. Grandma Fisher was getting ready to head home and she were sitting in her swing. All the sudden Claire started pulling her feet up to her chest and grabbing at them. She seemed very proud of herself when she grabbed a hold of her left footy.


Kay (aka Grandma Fisher) said...

And I was there for the "feet finding" milestone....I am so happy.

Maria said...

So cute, Robin. I'm totally eating this up!