Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Socks

Every year companies find more and more useless things to try and sell us. Things that we got along without for centuries suddenly become so much a part of our lives that we can't imagine life without them such as smart phones and water bottles. When you have kids, it becomes incredibly hard to decide what things are necessary and what things are just ridiculous. Sometimes with kids stuff, the ridiculous stuff is so cute that you might even trick yourself into thinking its necessary.

There is one item for kids however, that is so common place in adult life and so old a creation that we don't think to question the need for it until we suddenly come face to face, or should I say face to foot, with it. This item is the baby sock. Luckily I was warned by another blogger about the fact that this seemingly innocent item is actually Satan spawn in disguise. These trixy little devils will not stay on your baby's feet. They will ever so slowly slide their way down your baby's ankle, wait for you to turn your head for just a moment and then WOOSH they make a run for it.

Even though I was forewarned, I still bought a few. There aren't a lot of options out there if you plan for your newborn to wear pants in wintertime. I simply accepted that many a sock (though never a pair) would be lost to that magical land where my husband's car keys, wallet and left socks hide periodically. I never imagined however, that one of these socks would so love Claire, that it would return to her. Allow me to explain.

We were out for a walk last week. I had Claire in her Ergo carrier which means her little feet were dangling out. Normally I dress her in a footed onsie for these walks, but she was already in pants so we just went with some socks to keep her toes warm. When we returned to the house I pulled her out of the Ergo only to find she only had one sock on. Alas, it had happened. I don't care enough about baby socks to retrace our whole walk. I accepted that her cute little yellow sock with pink flower grippers (why do newborn socks need grippers on the bottom?) was lost. Today however, as we were yet again strolling the sidewalks of our town we stumbled upon a pristine little sock in the gutter.

Prince of course was overjoyed at the discovery, and confirmed it was Claire's the only way he knows how.

The sock had been lost for at least four days and yet there it was looking freshly laundered and ready to return to it's little girl. Wherever socks go when they are lost, even though it's apparently very clean, it must not beat being at home with Miss Claire.

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Kay said...

Amazing, a sock that returned from that other dimension. If only it could talk.