Monday, April 23, 2012

Blessed With Grandparents

Hopefully my MIL forgives me for posting a picture of her!

I consider myself to be a pretty lucky woman, and in most parts of my life I know I have been quite blessed, something I never had however, was the grandma who lived down the street, or even in the same state. My maternal grandmother died before I was old enough to form memories of her, and my paternal grandmother died when I was 19. My memories of her are few because we spent a decent chunk of my life living on opposite ends of the country, but perhaps it is the fact that they are so few that makes them so precious. I remember her washing my hair when I was little (I had a wild head of snarled blond locks that I refused to brush), snuggling in to sleep together when she came to visit and even her teaching me the Lord's Prayer. Something I am looking forward to with Claire, is that she won't have little snippets of her grandparents, but a full life of memories filled with their love.

This weekend my in-laws came down to watch Claire for the day while Jeff, Helen and I attacked our poorly neglected garden and yard. While I loved getting out in the fresh air and dirt again (more to come on that in my next post), the most wonderful parts of my day were when I would come inside and find the three of them snuggled in on the couch hanging out. I could just see Claire getting to soak up so much love from them, and while she won't remember these moments, they are merely a taste of the love she will continue to receive from them for many  years to come. My heart swelled while I was making dinner for us, and I could hear Sherri singing Claire little songs out on the couch while she rocked her in her arms.

So thank you to Grammpa Brian, Gramma Sherri and Grandma Kay for all the love this little girl is receiving from you. I have no doubt that when she looks back on her life, she will count memories with all of you as some of her most precious.

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Gramma Sherri said...

It was such a pleasure to spend that time just soaking up the joy of her existence. I also feel blessed to be so welcomed into her life.