Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crunchy Granola Anyone?

Mom, does this diaper make me look crunchy?

A few weeks ago on the Baby Center birth boards, a woman posted that she had created a new forum for people to join who were "semi-crunchy granola." This led a fare number of women to ask for some guidelines of what made someone semi-crunchy instead of full on crunchy. As someone who considers herself to be in the semi-crunchy category I was interested to see how the woman defined the group. She responded saying that a person is semi-crunchy if they do ONE of the following: breast feed, cloth diaper, co-sleeping or baby wear. Crap. I do all these things. Does this mean I need to just give in, buy a tie dyed wardrobe and learn praise songs for the mother goddess?

While I find my new apparent status of super crunch pretty amusing, I don't really believe it myself. Well, I should say I didn't. Today I added yet another thing to my list of earth friendly practices. I bought reusable breast feeding inserts. I didn't even know they made them, but I must admit I have felt a little bad every time I throw another set of them away. I'm pretty sure they are made out of the same stuff disposable diapers are, so it seemed a bit hypocritical for me to use them. I also must admit that the little hippy that lives inside a hallowed out tree in my soul jumped for joy when she saw this product. So here I go, further down the crunchy brick road.

I do want to add, there are some lines I will never cross. I am aware, for example, that reusable feminine hygiene products exist. No thank you. I don't feel quite guilty enough for that, but reusable breast feeding inserts. I think  I can get on board with that.


Ruby said...

I don't buy that simply breast feeding makes someone a hippie. But, uh, yeah, you're definitely barking up the crunchy granola tree. Just proves that you should move to the Bay Area proper!

Robin said...

Well I'll add that to the pro list on my moving chart! I agree with your breast feeding comment. I think perhaps they were just trying to create a really open natural parenting type board for people who are afraid of the militant crunchy people.