Monday, June 11, 2012

Eatin' Toes

As a person who generally hates feet, I have been most surprised by my love for nibbling on Baby's toes. They are so tiny and so cute. They beg to be eaten with big loud noises that make little Baby giggle and try to pull away.

Baby has been inspired for the last month to try and sample her own toes, but has been unable to reach. It started out with her just pulling her left leg up to her chest during diaper changes, and each time she'd manage to pull her foot a little higher until one day she caught sight of her toes and knew she needed to nom on them. It wasn't until this last weekend that she finally succeeded in her quest.

My dear baby, it is a brief period in our lives when we have both the ability and the desire to eat our own toes. Enjoy little one. Enjoy.

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