Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bath Time

Baby Claire got a new bath toy for her birthday, so after her dinner it was into the tub for some clean fun.

At first all Claire wanted to do was try and drown her new new boat toy. After she decided that wasn't going to work she decided she would try to eat it instead. The picture of her playing nice with it was a moment of transition between her two plans.

She is trying out her old British woman aka Paul McCartney face.

Claire really wanted to know what was at the bottom of her cup. After some taste tests, she decided it was water of all things! Shocked and very excited that we had placed her in the same liquid that fills her beloved sippy cup, she did everything she could to try and get it in her mouth. 

Thanks for sharing bath time with us. Hope your water adventures are just as much fun!


Ruby said...

Love it! I made sure to get a toy that would be totally safe and acceptable for eating attempts, so I'm glad she's making good use of it.

Jennifer said...

Why is she just so damn cute!!

xo Jennifer

Gramma Sherri said...

Looks like she had a really enjoyable bathtime. Thanks for sharing. She is definately a cutie pie.

The Fearless Fickler said...

I die. I just.....I die.