Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick Days

So a couple of things happened today. First, Claire and I were both sick and second, I found a new photo editing software. The latter isn't really important except for me to say that I went crazy trying to figure out what all the different setting were, and that's why all the pictures on this post are crazy. I was having fun. It won't happen again. I promise.

Anywho, the important part, we were very sick today. Claire had a little fever that topped out at 101.3 and I was back to being very congested. Some day the Asbury house will be back in good health, but it is not this day. I decided to turn this lemon of a day into lemonade so I  made it an opportunity to introduce Claire to an important sick day tradition, the TV marathon. 

Since we are nerds and Claire must learn to accept this, I picked the theme of her first TV marathon to be Star Trek. Lucky for us, Netflix has all the shows on demand. Its not like the old days where you had to go through shelf upon shelf of VHS tapes to find the episode that interested you or where you last left off. Within seconds we were snuggled in on the couch and enjoying as much Deep Space Nine as our (or my) little hearts desired. Claire was in and out of consciousness during all of this, but I think she enjoyed herself. In fact, I think she's planning to be "sick" again tomorrow so she can see what Dr. Bashir, The Chief, Captain Sisko and the rest of the crew are up to!  

My poor red cheeked baby girl, but feeling bad doesn't have to ruin your whole day.

Don't pause it Mama, just tell me what happened when I wake up.
 I couldn't bring myself to play with this one. Her little face was just too precious.
Well, the laundry pile in the other room may be threatening to become the tallest member of our family, and I am definitely ready for this plague to leave our family, but I still had a fun time introducing Claire to the lighter side of sick days.

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