Monday, January 7, 2013

Fact vs. Fiction

I know there are differing opinions on this topic, but I kind of like that mom blogs (and food blogs for that matter) seem just a little too perfect. Its a fine line between annoying and inspiring when they are that way, but when someone finds the balance then I've generally found a blog that I can enjoy. Their houses always look a little too tidy and well decorated, their children and husbands a little too well dressed and their stories would have you believe that their daily lives involve a lot of tip toeing through tulip fields. I find a little of that inspiring and then enjoy when they do a post that pulls back the curtain, letting the reader in on a bit of the reality of their daily lives. The part they don't normally photograph.

A glimpse behind the scenes is what I thought of when I opened Claire's door this morning. Good Lord Baby Girl. I did a post a while back highlighting her nursery, but honestly, this is how it really looks. I go through once or twice a day and put everything back together (it only takes a few minutes). It's really just resetting the clock for the destruction to begin again, but she likes it, and knowing that it's tidy for a little bit keeps me sane.

Oh and just a note on one of her new favorite games. The drawers are all open because she likes to either pull all her clothes out onto the floor (which isn't new) or move them to other drawers (which is new). The other day I was about to ask Jeff why he put all Claire's socks in the wrong drawer, and right before I opened my mouth to criticize him I discovered what our little girl had been up to. Delightful.

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Kay said...

Looks just like your room used to!