Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cupcake Smash: Take One

Yesterday my beautiful baby girl turned one. We'll be having a party on Saturday to celebrate, but we still wanted to mark the day itself. After Jeff got off work we bundled up Claire (who unfortunately is still fighting off a cold) and headed up to Napa for dinner at the Firewood Cafe and a special big girl cupcake from Sift for Claire.

Normally blurry photos don't make it up here, but I love that her face is like the eye of the storm.
I had planned on her birthday being the first time she would have a sweet treat, but her Papa couldn't wait that long and has already shared ice cream with her. Sweets are still a pretty big novelty for her though, so I was looking forward to seeing how she responded. I was shocked when my normally messy eater turned into a dainty little princess when presented with her first cupcake. Please forgive our singing. We didn't coordinate at all before we started and somehow we ended up singing like we were at a funeral or something.

She took a good twenty minutes to eat her little cake, and I swear she was cleaner afterwards than she often is after being spoon fed! I love her little lip smacks in this video.

And one final clip. This isn't the best example of Claire getting excited in her high chair, but it's still pretty cute. Sometimes when she gets really excited she'll stick her little arms and legs out and shake violently. The first time it happened I honestly thought she was having a seizure or something. This is a milder version of it and a definite sign that Baby Claire enjoyed her sweet treat.

I think Claire's cold counteracted any possible sugar high she got from her cupcake, and even though she ate it after 8:00, she was still in bed not long after 9:00. Her first cupcake experience was a success, and being the lucky little girl she is, she gets to do it all over again in a couple of days!

Her friends are never far during food time.

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GrammaSherri said...

Thanks so much for sharing that with us. I really enjoyed seeing Claire enjoy her 1st birthday cupcake.