Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brushing Teeth

I had been a responsible mom and read up about how to care for baby teeth, but then six months went by with nary a tooth popping into my child's mouth. Apparently in that time everything I had read disappeared until suddenly last night I realized I haven't been brushing Claire's teeth. Insert mama guilt. At least this isn't as bad as the reoccurring baby dreams I've always had where I did something awful like forgot to feed my baby or left her in the bathtub alone for a day. Yeah, those were great, but on the plus side since having a real baby my bad mom dreams have stopped. Forgetting to brush Claire's teeth isn't nearly that severe, but I did feel pretty guilty. Then I picked this up at the store however, and now I'm just too consumed with the cuteness to feel guilty.

Of course before we could brush her teeth, we had to make sure they were good and dirty. Since I've started giving Claire real food she's discovered the fun of throwing it at me and the dog. I hadn't had to use my  mom voice during feeding time when she was only eating purees, but I think that's about to end. Since she's started getting squishy stuff she's also enjoying squeezing it in her hands until it comes out between her fingers and then flicking her hand until it comes off. Kids are great.

Claire doesn't really get the idea of what's going on when we try to brush her teeth, but she isn't fighting the process either. For the moment she mostly just seems intrigued by this new game called brushing Baby's teeth and wants to know if she gets extra points each time she bites down on the tooth brush. 

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